Riderville By Greg Urbanoski
May 16, 2018 - 4:35pm

A couple of years ago the Saskatchewan Roughriders signed receiver Mo Price as a free agent who then got a signing bonus and then promptly retired, providing the province of Manitoba with hours of chuckles.

Riderville By Greg Urbanoski
May 11, 2018 - 8:17am

The annual crapshoot called the CFL Draft has come and gone and teams did a combination of picking the best athlete and the best athlete not likely to have an NFL try-out.

Nutter's Bulk and Natural Food By Nutter's Staff
May 7, 2018 - 4:04pm

We all have them but are unaware of their existence. Until, that is, they become blocked and inflamed and very painful. Most of us would have had our own experience of sinusitis, or inflammation of the sinuses.

Riderville By Greg Urbanoski
May 2, 2018 - 8:43am

Well, we are a couple of days away from the annual CFL draft, which lags behind the Downtown Optimist TV Bingo or some old time dance music special for viewer interest.

Riderville By Greg Urbanoski
April 17, 2018 - 9:13am

The deadness of the CFL off-season has never hit home so much as it does now, with nothing but crickets as CFL teams prepare for the CFL draft on May 3 and the NFL draft which will dictate the CFL draft choices before then.

Nutter's Bulk and Natural Food By Nutter's Staff
March 29, 2018 - 10:05am

There is no hiding the rise on asthma increases in Canada these days. It has increased 160% from 1980-1994. Why is there such a large increase?  One factor seems to be our modern lifestyle, complete with fast food and fast cars.

Riderville By Greg Urbanoski
March 27, 2018 - 11:32am

The Second CFL concluded with the Player Combine in Winnipeg where prospective draft choices are put through their paces and CFL teams look into their crystal ball to try to determine who will make it to the pros and who won’t.

Riderville By Greg Urbanoski
March 14, 2018 - 12:50pm

In this CFL off-season, after some pretty good bursts of energy, you can see why in mid-March the Romans killed Julius Caesar.

Riderville By Greg Urbanoski
March 1, 2018 - 8:59am

The dust has mostly settled from CFL free agency with a few interesting people remaining, but now the focus is shifting to the CFL Week in Winnipeg March 22-25 which will include the CFL Combine March 24-25.