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By: Nutter's Staff


First Aid Tea Tree

June 21, 2016 - 9:23am

Native to Australia, the tea tree flourishes in the wet swampy ground of northern New South Wales and Queensland. 

The leaves and small branches are picked year round for distillation into essential oils.

The centuries before Europeans arrived, native Australians used the leaves of the tree as an antiseptic. Captain Cook named the ‘tea tree’. This tree rapidly became a valued remedy used by the European settlers to treat cuts, burns and insect bites. Tea tree soon became widely recognized as a powerful disinfectant. 

Silver Lining – A Comprehensive Probiotic – New at Nutter’s

May 31, 2016 - 7:47am

We eat on the go, chew too fast and too little.

For many, mineral and vitamin consumption is low and the foods we eat have been highly processed, hampering our body’s ability to maintain a healthy gut flora. Add to this high stress levels and the over use of antibiotics and pain killers, harmful bacteria can quickly take over.

Silver lining is a unique blend of prebiotics, probiotics and digestive enzymes, formulated to promote a healthy gut flora and enhance the immune system. 

Diatomaceous Earth

May 14, 2016 - 8:50am

Few people give much thought to lowly diatoms, single –celled marine microorganisms that are found in large bodies of water. However, when these tiny organisms die, their skeletal remains settle to the bottom, become fossilized overtime and accumulate to produce one of nature’s most beneficial and healthful substances: diatomaceous earth.