What's In Your Sunscreen

April 28, 2017 - 11:14am

As summer is here we must start looking for a good sun screen, keeping your skin healthy and moisturized. If you are out in the sun for a long time it is important to wear sun screen and apply it every two hours. If you go swimming you should re-apply. Sun screen protects the skin from harmful rays of the sun that can cause many problems with skin. Although sunscreen is made to protect the skin, some brands contain harmful ingredients that can actually be bad for your skin.

Some sunscreens can actually have negative effects. Some of these negative effects are drying of the skin, allergic dermatitis, irritant dermatitis, acne, cancer and skin aging.

Watch for ingredients like: alcohol and isopropyl: these can dry skin as well as promote brown spots.

Allergic Deratitis: have parabins that may cause breast cancer tumors, mimic estrogens, parabins are eaters of para-hydroxy benzoic acid. Common ones are methypar-bins, ethylparabins, propylparabin, butylparabin, alcohol, ethanol, the list goes on. The skin allergies include contact dermatitis and rosacea.

Acne: if one is acne prone ingredients may clog pores like liquidum, paraffin oil and petroleum.

Age Skin: the sun can age your skin but some ingredients in your sunscreen can cause aging skin like mineral oil.

Cancer: some sunscreens have TEA, DEA, MEA. These may cause liver and kidney cancer and can be harmful to the eyes.

Fragrances, proplene and butylene glycol have been known to irritate the skin, cause headaches, dizziness, rashes and skin coloration.

Oxybenzone: is in the majority of sunscreens. This harmful chemical is believed to disrupt hormones and the type of cell damage that can provoke cancer cells.

When you are looking for a sunscreen, be sure to find a broad spectrum. This means the product protects against UVB rays as well as UVA. UVB rays cause sun burns. UVA rays cause skin damage. Provide the minimum of 15 SPF and the maximum 50, is paraben free and all the other chemicals mentioned above. We don’t realize what we are putting on our skin until it’s too late.

Finding the right sunscreen for you and your family can be a task. Derma Soleil Natural Sun Products contain the most effective combinations of active ingredients to reverse and prevent the damage produced by the sun exposure. It also provides a source of natural ingredients to maintain healthy and youthful skin. Adult Derma Soleil SPF range from 8 to 45. Kids love to be outdoors, kids SPF is 30 + 45 and provides a broad and natural protection for outside activities on the beach, in the park or backyard. Prevent painful sunburns. Your kids can still have a great summer in the sun and keep their skin healthy.

Derma Soleil has a wide variety with the best protection from the sun. It may help repair, rehydrate, rejuvenating and soothing, age free formula, anti-wrinkle formula, papa free, water resistant, non comedogenic, hypo-allergenic and natural.

Please remember the benefits of the sun: -enhance your muscle strength; -the happy vitamin for moods; -help optimal blood pressure; -healthy immune system; -support kidney function; -promotes healthy teeth; -keeps your bones healthy; -supports cardiovascular health; -protects against cancer including melanoma.

But over exposure to the sun is harmful. Derma Soleil is important to the skins natural defense mechanisms that are specific to each individual and non reversible. These mechanisms however don’t provide enough protection and our skin needs extra help.

Derma Soleil Natural Sun Products are protective and rejuvenating formulas that provide the ultimate support needed to prevent and protect against damaging environmental influences.

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